Posted by: Paul Clark | April 18, 2011

Getting ready for 2011

This weekend we took Donna Capel for her annual slipping and underwater repaint at Tregatreath.  We moved her from Pendennis to Mylor Bridge on Friday afternoon, cutting some new channels in the Mylor Creek mudbanks in the process!  Then some entertainment and exercise was had putting on her legs to dry out.

Saturday morning bright and early Phil from Tregatreath got busy with the pressure washer and left the crew with not much scraping to do, thankfully!

Donna Capel at Tregatreath 2011

Donna Capel on the slipway, 2011

Then as soon as she had dried out it was on with 10 gallons of antifouling, followed by the topside paint, which with some last-minute paint mixing of the two completely random colours supplied came out something like what was intended – Cambridge Blue!

Painting Donna Capel 2011

Donna Capel - new colours 2011

We also replaced one of the keel anodes and welded on studs for another.

John rolling in the mud (and checking anodes)

With some last-minute touching up even as the incoming tide was lapping around our feet Donna’s lower half is now spick and span and ready for another exciting season…

Last minute touch up!

Then legs off again (more entertainment, especially John getting the bung back in), decks washed and sails bent on and checked, it was back to Pendennis and some expert parking!

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