Donna Capel is a wooden Gaff Ketch, originally built in Ostend in 1943.

She is 52′ on deck, 37 tonnes weight and now owned by John Davison and moored in Falmouth.

Donna Capel under sail in Carrick Roads

Donna Capel now has a regular crew who sail her and she cruised extensively around the Cornish coast and Scillies in 2010, including a passage to Douarnenez for the Festival of the Sea.


  1. Hi there, I was just wondering who made your sails? They look good. Cheers Jerry.

  2. Hey John and wonderful crew,

    Wayne here from Silver Quest and The Mayflower Trust. Wondered if ye were contemplating Brest and Dournanez this year, as we are venturing across in my 16ft Falmouth Quay Punt, Shira (https://www.facebook.com/TMTPAST)

    We have a film crew planned, radio archivist, and photographer who all need a sound base to work from. We wondered if you would be interested in supporting our crossing with your classic vessel, and accommodating one or two members from the production team? We intend to be taking AIS to aid in the safety of the flotilla of small craft with whom we wish to sail, and a modern sailboat for support.

    We intend to sail from Mousehole on the Saturday of the Sea Salts and Sail weekend for Audierne.

    If ye were not available for the trip across, we will, of course, love to meet up if ye intend to visit any of the festivals this year!

    Please have a nose at our PAST link above and maybe ye could pass on our details to any of ye crew not sailing with ye. We stilll need an experienced skipper to take our 27ft sloop support vessel, if ye know of anyone.

    All the best to me hearties ~ Forever, upon the wind and waves!

    Wayne Booth

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